This class will explore the four elements in tarot and in our own lives. Participants will become familiar with how the elemental energies express themselves in their chosen deck, and how to read elemental dignities in both formal and informal ways. In addition, participants will explore how elemental energies express themselves in various facets of our lives, from the kitchen to our clothing to our preferred learning and communication styles. We will look at identifying when energies might be out of balance, as well as ways of connecting with the elemental energies we need to enhance, both through tarot and other means. Bringing both sides of the class together, we will learn to live the tarot in a whole new way, with deeper appreciation for natural elemental energies.


All classes are taught through YahooGroups and provide an interactive setting in which course participants can work with the instructor and other students using a discussion group and on-line format.  YahooGroups provides a discussion list, web page, an area to upload and download files, a chat room, and other facilities. The courses follow a weekly syllabus, but within that schedule, participants can join the discussion, read course materials, and work on exercises whenever it is convenient for them.  

The course is designed to be interactive, while also accommodating differing learning styles. Each week there will be at least one exercise intended for group discussion, and others that can be done on your own and posted if you choose. The environment is positive and supportive, and any question or discussion related to the topic is welcome and encouraged. Click here to read what past participants have had to say about the online tarot classes.

If you would like to sign up for this course, please first read the detailed information on the syllabus, schedule, fees, and other information below, which will explain how to sign up and what you can expect throughout the course. Thanks!!


Level: Suitable for tarot readers who are generally comfortable with the meanings of the individual tarot cards and reading with the deck they plan to use. No prior familiarity with elemental dignities is required.

Dates: June 1 through August 15, 2006

Fee: $50, payable by PayPal (encouraged) or check prior to the start date of the class. Click on the button below to pay by PayPal. E-mail me for an address if you'd like to pay by check.

Course Materials: We will be using materials on elemental dignities from my book, The Complete Tarot Reader, as well as elemental exercises and rituals from Deborah Lipp's book, The Way of Four. Having either book is not required, but may be helpful. I highly recommend Deborah's book if you are interested in this subject :) As always, I will be uploading all materials required for the course to the files section each week.

Course Syllabus:

Weeks 1 & 2 - Learning the basic properties of the elements, becoming familiar with elemental energies in your life, making basic elemental associations with your tarot cards.
Weeks 3 & 4 - Working with Earth energy in our lives. Exploring more complex interactions of elements within single cards. Working with the dual elemental energy of court cards.
Weeks 5 & 6 - Working with Water energy in our lives. Informal methods of reading elemental dignities among cards.
Weeks 7 & 8 - Working with Air energy in our lives. Formal methods of reading elemental dignities among cards.
Weeks 9 & 10- Working with Fire energy in our lives. Integrating elemental dignities between cards with spread positions, reading questions, and overall reading energy.

In addition to the two areas of exploration (elements in life and elements in tarot), we will be looking each week at ways of combining them so that we can live the tarot more fully. Together we will brainstorm ideas that relate to the type of energy we are working with that week :)

Reviews by Former Students

I was very pleased with it all.  I feel it was geared so that beginners as well as more advanced students would all get a lot out of the studies.  It pushed whatever boundary one happened to be stuck at. I personally enjoyed the on-line experience! I think I like it better than having to travel to a classroom.  Allowed me to spend time with my kids while learning. A huge thank you!  This has been a wonderful experience for me. I love being part of this online community!

I liked the way Thrysse taught us to develop our own keywords and meanings in combination with the traditional meanings. Her deep insight and knowledge of the tarot and the layers of meanings that she teaches go well beyond the basics, and are far superior to any tarot course I have encountered. I felt that for the first time, I have learned a great deal. I loved it and looked forward to every post and exercise - everyone was so helpful and the feedback was always so constructive and timely, always stretching my boundaries.

I liked posting the exercises and reading the exercises that my classmates posted too. Being able to gain a new perspective from the point of view of others helps me to grow as much as just learning. I liked the on-line experience... I am one that would open up a little more on-line than if I was sitting in a classroom.  This is something that I would like to do again.

I've taken a number of tarot courses before this one, at both beginning and intermediate levels, and not a one in the bunch came within miles of packing so much knowledge into a single lesson. This course had a level and quality of depth that all the others combined couldn't hope to match.  Just one week of this material was the equivalent of three or more week's worth in the other classes I've taken.  A truly amazing compilation of information and insights, and application techniques.  The whipped cream and cherry on top was having the opportunity to read the marvelous posts from everyone and see how others applied the cards.  Such creativity! I feel truly blessed to have witnessed it.

Thrysse's wisdom provided us with guidance, suggestions and her gentle criticism to aide us in learning. She took her time and worked with each of us on an individual basis. The dedication she has shown with her personal time for us has been greatly appreciated by all! We have formed new friendships, studied, worked together, and learned from Thrysse and each other with an incredible harmony. Thrysse allowed us the space and openness to express our individualistic approaches and views.

The Tarot course is packed full of information, exercises and guidance and I feel that my understanding of the Tarot and skills have jumped a couple of levels higher from taking this course. Thrysse's On-Line Beginner/Intermediate Tarot Course has been an incredible learning and growing experience on my Tarot path and one that I highly recommend!

The very best tarot learning experience I've had.  Thank you!  There's no way that I could have learned this much on my own or in any other course that I've tried. Your method of teaching is very interactive and caring.



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